Thursday, June 5, 2008

What is the deal, here?

Ok, after having tremendous lows over the past week or so, I now cannot seem to be able to get my blood sugar under 200. Well, except when it randomly shoots extremely low and then shoots way back up again. This morning I woke with a 39 after being high ALL day yesterday, and then two hours later was almost to 300 and it is still lingering around 180ish (I know, not horrible, but why isn't my insulin working!!). I have changed nothing about my diet or my insulin. All I did was add in a little exercise.

I am so frustrated and am not having a very good diabetes week. The first 4 or 5 days on my CGMS, I was overjoyed and excited. I would flatline at around 100 and stay there just about all day. Now this week, I flatline around 200 and cannot get it down for anything.

Now that I am actually paying attention to my diabetes, I am realizing how truly confusing and complicated it all is. I hope I can keep this up for, for, well forever. Ugh.


Randee said...

That sorta seems to be the way it goes. Just when I think I may have got a handle on the blood sugars they decide to teach me a lesson (or so it feels like). Hang in there though, it will hopefully settle down. It can be a pain, but it's worth it in the long run (which is what I have to keep telling myself!)

Jillian said...

Sometimes adding in exercise can cause weirdness. Don't get down on yourself, you will figure out how to work through it!

Cara said...

Naw, don't keep it up forever... just until a cure! :)
I hate weeks like that. When you feel like it controls you more than you control it. It's frustrating and makes you just want to give up.
But don't. It will straighten itself back out.
It could be you are trying to get sick, or your period is getting ready to start, or the moon is misaligned with Mars. Or something equally as stupid.
Chalk it up to craziness and keep at it! :)

Jeff said...

Hi Suzanne. Any little change, like exercise, can throw things out of whack for a while.

You'll get it back under control. Keep your head high.

The storms come, and the storms pass. I hope clear skies are on their way.

Karen said...

Yup, I agree with everything everyone already said!!! I've often found exercise can throw me really off until I find the balance there too. Exercise too little - it doesn't help the BS at all . . . . exercise too much, it spikes. *sigh* Once again, it's just about finding the right level (which can then change at any time). You can do it though!!!! Keep up the great work - adjust when you need to - and remember to applaud yourself for trying so hard and paying such close attention - even when it feel like it isn't helping, it is!

Rach said...

I HATE those kind of days that seem to turn into weeks. So incredibly frustrating!!!! Feel better soon!


Kate + Emma said...

Hey Suzanne, thanks for commenting on Me and Emma's blog. We really appreciate the OC's support =).

Sorry you're having a crappy diabetes week , but keep going, you can do it :). You're not alone :)