Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I could get used to this... which is good, since I have no choice!

I love having ultrasounds every Friday! Every single Friday I get to see our precious girl pop up on the screen, show off a little, while always hiding her face from view, of course. Of course, it is hard to get away from work for a significant amount of time each week, but it's necessary, and while I don't want to use tons of leave now, rather than when she is here, I do enjoy getting that special time just watching her.

My routine has become this: Every Friday I have an ultrasound, see the doc, get blood work done for the HELLP Panel, pick up my 24 hour urine kit and head back to work. Then, either Saturday or Sunday I do my 24 hour and then head back to the hospital on Monday morning to drop it off.

Of course, throw in my endo appointment this week and eye appointment next week, and that is a LOT of doctors!! I really don't mind, though, especially since so far, they have brought only a sense of comfort that all is well.

As a side note, my protein has actually gone DOWN from the last time I blogged... it was 1150 last week and was 1250 this week. The week before those it was 1590 but my doc said that sometimes extra fluid intake can cause a higher number, so that's good!!

I am still aiming for 4-6 more weeks, although the closer I get to my due date, the more I find myself pushing back my expectations to closer to 39 weeks :) Gosh, she will really be here before I know it!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

One Day At A Time

I am still taking everything one day at a time, and it is amazing how taking each excruciatingly long day as a blessing and moving on to the next can quickly add up to 32 weeks! It is truly incredible.

My weekly u/s and check ups started Friday and all went well. The specialist had done them all prior to this so this was the first since the pregnancy was confirmed that my OB saw my baby girl. I think she was actually impressed :) My fluids look good and she is right around 40% on the growth charts. She said she could tell that my blood sugars have been well controlled, which made me extremely excited. It isn't often that we are actually applauded by our doctors when we do well, so I took it all in :) Baby girl is still looking great by all accounts and she even hiccupped on command and we saw her wiggle her tiny little toes! She is truly amazing.

My protein is still increasing; now up to 1500, but again, we are doing 24 hours every week and so we'll see what the next one brings. I asked when delivery would be necessary and she said that if it gets up to around 5000 she may consider it, but we'll see. Hopefully I can make it to at least 38 weeks. My blood pressure was still high for the first two checks, but thankfully the nurse checks until she gets a good one ;) The first was done over my sleeve and was 150/84 and so she pulled it up and I started getting a bit panicky thinking about bed rest, which resulted in a 154/90 ish. So she did it one more time, while I tried my hardest to calm down: 134/83. Whoo, thank goodness! So, I'm on my feet and at work for one more week! Yay!

As it gets closer to the day that we get to meet our baby girl, I have been reflecting a lot on this journey. I honestly feel as though it is has still not completely sunk in that I am really doing this. That I am pregnant and that I am now blessed to know what it is like to have this baby growing inside me and to feel her kick and her ever more frequent hiccups. It was something I never dared to dream about before because I knew it would hurt too much when I found out that it wouldn't be possible for me, especially since so many years of neglect were at my own hand... but here we are, and we've just about made it through to the end!

I was thinking about how I feel like this pregnancy journey will be over before it ever really sinks in and that then it will be too late to actually sit back and enjoy all of the wonderful things that pregnancy brings (and even those not so wonderful things). Maybe it is that I am so pre-occupied by the never ending focus on my blood sugar and diabetes (even while sneaking in a bit of king cake for Mardi Gras) that has me distracted from allowing myself to believe this is really true, but that is so much a part of it all, and really, that's okay. I just want to try to cherish it all before it is over, and the next chapter begins!

Do I wish that I didn't have to worry about the effect my diabetes will have on my precious child? Of course, but I also know that complications can happen in any pregnancy, and at least I know that I was being watched so closely for any signs of problems. I know that my baby girl will not have an undiagnosed heart problem due to a hole in her heart and I know that if my blood pressure increases even in the slightest, all precautions will be taken to make sure we are both taken care of. I get this extra care because of my diabetes. I have also been able to see her every month since the day she came into existance! I imagine that pregnant women everywhere are constantly concerned that all is well, and I was able to have that extra reassurance.

I think the biggest lesson that I've learned is this: I can do this. I can be healthy, despite my diabetes and despite what others have told me or what they believe my future to be. You know what, I can even be happy. And it really isn't all that hard, in the grand scheme of things. Annoying, yes. Frustrating, all the time! And do I still worry about whether or not I will be able to be the best mother possible to my daughter without my diabetes getting in the way or throwing some horrible complication at me... us? Every day. But I feel like I have been given an amazing opportunity to prove to myself that I can do everything within my power to maintain good control and to keep those complications away to the best of my ability... and that is really all I can do.

Well, here's to one more week down... hoping for at least another 6 weeks to go!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Signs of Pre-Eclampsia

Gosh, I know I say this every single time, but it is still just crazy... I am 30 weeks. I can't beleive it! Baby girl is doing just fine. At her last u/s the doc said that she was "growing perfectly"... I can't even begin to ask for more than that!! She seems healthy and happy in her cozy (and getting cozier by the day) home. She is moving around regularly and it is just so fun to watch my belly protrude as she attempts to stretch and move. I swear sometimes she just gets to dancing and my entire belly pokes out in a million places at once!! I can't help but giggle constantly at her little acrobatics!

Well, it seems that although she is doing well, my blood pressure is on the rise. When they check it at the Doctor's office it is around 140-150/90... although my home monitor never gives me those high results and usually says I am around 135/85 at the absolute highest (only once or twice). I went to see my ob yesterday and she told me that I have orders to take it easy, not do anything when I get home, and if it gets any higher, I will be placed on bed rest... and then when I got home and check, my bp was 111/76. Go figure!

I am also going to do weekly ultrasounds, 24 hour urines, and HELLP panels to monitor how she is doing and the protein in my urine. My weekly ultrasounds were scheduled to begin at 32 weeks anyway, so we are just starting a week early. The 24 hour urines will be a huge inconvenience, but I'd do them daily if that is what it takes!

My protein has gone up from 305 at 12 weeks, to 550 at around 20 weeks, to 990 at 28 weeks. So, it's on the rise, but I think it is still within an okay range for now, but protein is part of pre-e, so they just want to make sure it doesn't get out of control.

I have only had protein in my urine once with the dip stick in the OB's office, and even then she said she was surprised it hadn't shown up sooner and that it likely was due to something I ate, although I don't know if that even matters since my 24 hours are on the rise.

So... that's my update. Not great news, but not horrible either. Basically, I just do my best to keep my blood pressure down and continue on what I am doing. If I do have to go on bed rest it will kill me only because it will eat up my maternity leave, and I'd much rather spend that time with my precious girl instead of just sitting around, but I'll do what I need to keep her growing and healthy for as long as possible. Hopefully we can at least make it to 36-37 weeks, which is only about 5-6 weeks away! OH MY HOLY COW!! Ooohh, deep breathes, deep breathes ;)

I have a baby shower this weekend, and am required to sit the whole time, but I am very excited for it. Thankfully we did it as early as possible "just in case", since it seems it might have been necessary. I'll keep you all updated! Thank you so much for your comments, thoughts, and prayers. They mean so much to me. I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many friends who know the ups and downs of diabetes!!
Oh, and her latest u/s pic... I know it's hard to pic her out, but it is her full face, tilted with her forehead toward the top right, chin toward the bottom left, and you can see both eyes, nose and her Daddy's lips!! :)