Friday, June 13, 2008

Just Keep On Keeping On

Not much to report on this end. I am taking it easy and just doing what needs to be done. It's been good. I haven't been overly obsessed with my diabetes and things have been running smoothly. I should probably check a tad more, but when I do check, it is all generally good.

I do have a little bit of very exciting news to report, though. Yesterday, when I went to workout, my blood sugar didn't go low!! How awesome is that?!? I ate and didn't take anything. Before exercise it was around 230. I then checked about halfway through and it was 177. I took my pump out then (since I forgot to when I started) and then checked about 15 minutes later and it was 122. Perfect! I figured I should stop before I dropped it too much, since I figured it was still falling a tad. I actually forgot to put my pump back in and when I checked it about an hour or so later, it was 180. Success!! It was a huge relief to have finally DONE IT!

The day before, I had started out similarly. Started at around 260, took out my pump, exercised and then within one minute on the same meter got blood sugars of 450, 350 and 400. I am not so sure about the accuracy of my UltraLink, but I figured I could at least trust that my blood sugar was HIGH. I am sure this will happen again, as well as lows, but there just isn't much I can really really do about it except keep working and tweaking and playing with my body and how it reacts to things.

Hey, no one can say my life isn't exciting and full of puzzles!! I always did love a good mystery ;)


Cara said...

Ug. See, when I can go in that high (which I have to do to keep from bottoming out) I feel like crap and don't want to work out anyway....or I could just be making excuses cause I HATE to work out. :) I haven't figured that one out yet. LOL

Rach said...

BLAH! I hate those highs (which are almost always followed by lows). Yucky!