Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 3 on the CGMS

Ok, I must admit, I really like it. My problem has not been lows, but has been highs, and even when the CGMS is off (which it sometimes is) I know which direction my BS is headed in, which is really really cool.

I am going to admit though, that my favorite part of this thing is the cool patterns...well, much to my absolute surprise (and delight) my pattern for most of yesterday was a straight line around the 100 mark!! How COOL is that?!?! I didn't know that was possible!! I mean, I didn't have many carbs, so there wasn't much to fluctuate it, but I honestly think that one of my biggest problems with my control has been that I am so unsure of what I am doing! I know, I know, sometimes it feels like none of us really know what we are doing, but that has really been a big obstacle for me. Some of my internal questions have been:

If I eat, is it getting really really high and then going back down or am I really doing the right thing??

At night, is it stable, or all over the place, how can I really know for sure?

What happens after I eat that gob of sugar for my low? Does it go up to where it is supposed to and stay, or is it really high and then comes back down?

Do I really need to change my sites every 3 days? I mean, does it really make a difference in my blood sugar?

and the list goes on. But now I KNOW what happens, and I must say I am doing a pretty good job! I know that this will definitely help to keep me on track and do what I need to do! Yay for technology, even ones that include seemingly really long needles! =:~)

Also, I have been very excited to get my carelink USB so that I can download everything and SEE it! How cool. So, it came yesterday!! Whoo hooo!!! I was so pumped...well, except for the fact that our cable was randomly out and I didnt' have internet access to download the software! Ugh!! I have been very impatient today waiting to go home to do it! Then I can show you how my numbers are! yay!!

Oh, and please send out a warm welcome to Brad (my fantastic husband) who commented on my last blog and who I hope will contribute constantly and help to keep me in line. =:~)


Karen said...

I was just wondering today how you were doing with the CGM. Glad to hear it's going well and that it is helping you out. I almost asked my endo about it yesterday at my appointment - but at the last minute I decided I want to just focus on the new pump for now. (Kind of silly, huh . . . I guess I really just chickened out.) I have all of those questions you asked running through my head too though - especially the over-night one. Glad to hear it helps answer them for you.

Jeff said...

Wow, Suzanne. Flat-lining around 100? Too cool for words.

Hey, Brad!

Cara said...

I love the CGMS too! Isn't it wonderful. I am thinking that my insurance is going to quit paying for the sensors though. :( I will have to quit getting them. There's no way I can afford to pay for them. I do leave them in for 6 days.