Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Calibrate My Meter? Do what??

Ok, I have heard about calibrating meters, but as many of you know, I didn't really reap the enormous benefits of actually using a meter for at least the last 6 or 7 years, if not more. But now that I am 'back on track' I am trying to do everything right.

So, I got my new UltraMini and my new UltraLink. The meter I had been using was an UltraSmart. I checked my blood sugar on both the Link and Mini, using the same drop of blood and there was a 25 point difference!!! I didn't use the Smart, though. The UltraLink was lower than the UltraMini. Isn't that a pretty HUGE difference? I mean, having a 55 v. a 80 is kind of a big deal, isn't it?!?

Help! I don't know what to do or how to know which one is actually more reliable. Any tips, suggestions, or diabetes lessons for a girl who has seemingly forgotten all that it means to have diabetes??


Cara said...

I think sometimes it is how the blood drop is taken into the strip. Like one may take better than the other. Or that you may have had something on your hands that caused crazy readings.
Or it could just be that sometimes meters suck and like to make us crazy! :)

BetterCell said...

Suzanne, I use the FreeStyle *Flash*,
East to calibrate and consistently accurate using the smallest amount of blood compared to any other meter.
BTW, I do not work for the company.
But Cara is correct, sometimes there might be something sweet on your finger/hand that can cause fluctuations in the reading. In addition, blood sugars fluctuate very quickly(seconds) and you might have caught a number that was indicating you were about to go into Hypoglycemia.

I have had other meters and yes, they do differ in terms of readings from each other.
My advice is to stay with ONE meter that you trust and that has good Customer Support.

Mandy said...

I know that I have always been told not to compare meters for that reason. Just pick one meter and use it. The truth is that they can vary up to 20% of what you real blood sugar is, so if you are at 110 in the lab, you can be 88 on one meter and 132 on another meter...AND THEY ARE BOTH CONSIDERED ACCURATE!
Crazy isn't it. When it comes down to the lower numbers under 60, they are all supposed to be a little more accurate and will usually be within 5 points of each other. There are also other variables like sample size, coding, expired strips, low batteries, humidity & temp, dirty fingers or even your hemoglobin count. It is truly enough to make your head spin, and scare you if you think about it too much. Clearly, I have.

~Suzanne~ said...

Ahh, thanks to all of you for the advice!! I must admit I was a tad frazzled when I saw the huge difference and actually felt as though I must not be doing something right!

I'll be sticking to my UltraLink! I mean, it DOES "talk" to my pump! =:~)

...and Mandy, I think we ALL think too much!! Haha!