Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wowzers =:~)

First: Thank you to everyone who has commented on my last post. Your support and encouragement has been incredible. If it wasn't for all of you allowing me to peer into your worlds and to get a glimpse of your successes, struggles, frustrations, and your own journeys I may not have felt the overwhelming strength that I think I now have. Feeling as though I am not fighting this alone has meant more than any of you will ever know...or maybe you do!! Words really cannot express how amazing your presence in my life has been and the impact that it has made.

Second: I left my meter at home today!! Ugh! I have done so fantastically well and now I forget my meter for the day!?!? What is that?? I feel so lost without it. I know my blood sugar is on the high side; I can feel it...but what do I give? I have no clue. I guess forgetting my meter once after all this time is actually not all that bad, but it is very frustrating. Before I would "forget it on purpose" but not anymore!! And now I forget it for real. But, I will just have to do what I can when I get home to make up for the crazy day.

Third: I chopped off all of my hair. 12 inches to be exact - I donated it. I don't know if I like it, though. My cheeks have become too chubby for this hair and I can't hide my new plump face from the world; it makes me feel uneasy. I am sure it will grow on me, though. I hope so!!

Fourth: Bella has her second training class tonight! The first went well. She now sees a treat and sits immediately (hahaha!). Although, she pretty much knew "sit" and "come here" already. She is a very smart little thing and she is learning fast...but she is also a tad stubborn. Smart and stubborn are not always a very good combination! Oh, and I have video to prove that she DOES throw temper tantrums...I'll post that, too as soo as I figure out how.

I suppose that is all for my day. Already starting to get uneasy about my CDE appointment on Monday, but I am sure it will be fine. I want to ask her about getting on my CGMS...I was very nervous about this at first since I didn't know if I wanted all my my blood sugars and I certainly didn't want it beeping everytime it started going high (since well, I may have wanted it that way...) but I am now feeling much better about it and I think I can do it. I'll let you know what she says!


bethydoll said...

Oh man, I hate leaving my meter at home. Because of the "what if" something happens. But, at the same time, I used to do the same thing and "forget on purpose."

How awesome to have donated your hair! You should post a picture of your new hair, when you're not feeling too self conscious about it. ;)

Wow, that would be really awesome to get on the cgms! I've been really iffy about it, and one doesn't come with my pump, but if it were possible I might try one out for a week or two. It'd really help fine tune those numbers!

Good luck at your appointment! I'm sure it'll go great! ;D

Jeff said...

Hi Suzanne. I think Donna posted about her daughter donating hair a while back. What a thoughtful, selfless, and generous act.

Good luck on Monday!

Donna said...

My daughter has donated her hair, too. What a wonderful gift you are giving someone!

I kind of freak out whenever I forgot my meter these days. I've become so dependent on it, I feel weird if I don't have it with me. I did forget it the other evening when we went out to eat. But I bolused pretty close to what I should have & it wasn't as bad as I thought once I got home & checked. But I don't like doing that either.

I'm glad Bella did well at doggie training. Did the class wear you out? It did me. I think it was because I was nervous & worried I would do something wrong. Brutus was perfectly calm though. Oh, I can't wait to see Bella's temper tantrum.