Friday, April 4, 2008

Starting from Scratch...The Final Step

I have my first dietician appointment in who knows how many years. I must admit, I am very excited!! I think this is one of the final steps to getting me completely reoriented to being a diabetic! I feel like one of the reasons I keep "falling" lately is because I don't really remember how to bolus for what I eat, or how many carbs are in something. So, I just give up and get frustrated. It has been 17 years since I was first introduced to the world of diabetes, and I was only 9, so my Mom took care of a lot of that stuff for me. Sure, I learned eventually, but it didn't take me long before I gave up and stopped caring about my diabetes. I would give insulin randomly, if at all...I did that for almost 10 years!!

But NOW, I will finally get to re-learn all of that! This is exactly what I need to get back on track! AND this dietician is apparently a Type 1 Diabetic! I am just so pumped! And my hon is coming with me, so he can learn all about it, too!

Yay! I'll let you know how it goes =:~)

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Colleen said...

Hi Suzanne!
Happy to meet you and I look forward to reading more about you. Hope your appointment is great today. I'm glad you're back in the swing of things and taking care of yourself.