Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Common Mistake When I am Low

I suppose it is because of the way that a low can make me feel sluggish or tired, especially when I am already asleep, but I often make the mistake of just unplugging my pump when my blood sugar is low and I am sleeping...only to wake up hours later wondering why I need to use the restroom and I have a sweet taste in my mouth!

Then I remember that I was way too lazy to get out of bed to drink juice and I just unplugged. I do this ALL the TIME! It's stupid, and I know I am not going to stay awake long enough to re-plug before I fall asleep again...but I still think that I will, for some odd strange reason.

If I am sleeping, I just do not want to take the time to wake myself up completely, disturb my dog who is peacefully sleeping in her "nest" between my legs, and gulp a juice before falling back to sleep. It still puzzles me to this day why when it happens, I still follow the same stupid behavior, even though in my fully awake and perfect blood sugar state of mind, I know it is so wrong! WHY!?!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Sleep is so powerful isn't it?

I've asked myself the same questions when I get a high BG alert on my CGM. Instead of waking up just a little bit more to check, bolus, and adjust the alarms, I just shut the alarm off. Then wake up, still high (of course!) in the morning. WTF?

Layne said...

Unfortunately, (fortunately?) whenever I'm low at night it makes me really restless and I can't fall back asleep, so it's either treat or stare at the ceiling. But I can totally sympathize with the desire to stay in the nice, warm comfy bed. May I make a suggestion? Why not keep glucose tabs or a juice box (the non-refrigerated type) in your nightstand drawer? That way you can grab it, gulp it and go back to sleep with no worries! No getting out of bed required! :-)