Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dreading the Workout

I think what happened this last time to get me off track was the "work out" phenomena. In order to work out, I have to unplug and then deliberately get my blood sugar high enough so that I don't crash during a workout... but this goes completely against everything that I have been working so hard to accomplish!!

I don't WANT my blood sugar to be high and I don't think that I should deliberately make it high so that I can go work out...but if I am going to lose any of this horrible weight I have put on, I HAVE to work out...or I could go back to my old habits and deliberately make my blood sugar high...see the conundrum here? Of course, getting my blood sugar high enough to exercise is not even remotely comparable to what I have done in the past, but it still makes the battle that much more difficult and I worry that I will allow myself to fall back into old patterns if I am falling into the same behavior, even it a very reduced level.

Also, I know that when the time comes and I am pregnant, I can't risk the health of our baby to make my blood sugar high to work out... Even seeing the high number discourages me, and I STILL usually end up going low, unless I am in the 300s or so!! how do you guys do it?!? What are your work out tips?? I just can't seem to figure this out at all...

And really, what is the point of busting my toosh working out if I am only going to take in the same amount of calories in juice, glucose tabs, etc.?? HELP!!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Workouts sure do bring a whole crapload of variables along for the ride, don't they!

I usually have to decrease my basal rate (I don't remember, are you on a pump?) about 1 or 1.5 hours before working out, and also take a little hit of carbs before starting and partway through.

But it is never an exact science, and somedays I also have a lot of trouble afterward with highs or lows.

I know this sucks, but there is only one way to figure it out, and that is to try, try, try. And ask us for help too! There are lots of smart people out here (somewhere)! :-)

Layne said...

And that is exactly why I hate working out! It sucks enough by itself but throw diabetes in the mix and it's truly heinous. Especially the last part. . . there's nothing worse than going through all the trouble of burning 200 calories just to gulp them right back down in the form of OJ because I have a massive low. I totally feel your pain.