Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ok, does any one else have this side effect when low?!?

It started about 8 years ago... When my blood sugar would be low, my lips would kind of tingle. I thought it was strange, and since then, it has happened relatively frequently. Then it would progressively get worse... my tongue would get numb, then this past weekend my entire throat went numb!!! It was strange and scary because it was tingling like I was having an allergic reaction, but I knew what it was...

Has this happened to anyone else?! I know I am not that "special" but I've never heard of this before! Does anyone else have any weird low side effects?? I have one more, but I am going to write about it later...heading out the door :)

I also went on another endo appt. and I was pleased. A1c went up only by .2 but I am still in the 7s and that is better than ever for me and my microalbumin went down, but I am not sure by how much. The doc told me I was in a "rut" and got of "fussed" me, but I don't think going from 11 to 9 to 7 (for two checkups) is a rut. I am still doing better than I have ever done, but I know I have to pick it up a step and I will.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Oh, yeah. I hate when that happens! It's something to do with how your central nervous system responds when BG is low. I think there's a video on dLife where Brett Michaels (Poison) talks about his lips going numb while performing. Thank God it passes.

The weirdest low symptom I ever had was when my left arm would go numb 20-30 minutes before dropping. I thought I was having a heart attack every time!

Congrats on a stable A1C. Keep on keepin' on, as they used to say ;)

Scott K. Johnson said...

I totally have the tongue thing sometimes too! It's never gone lower than my tongue, but I can see how it might happen. Must be very weird!

Layne said...

YES!! ME TOO! I posted about the exact same thing:

It's #5. I always thought I was weird too (which I may be) but I guess it's pretty common. Also, CONGRATS on your A1C. Don't let your doc get you down. Remember, they are supposed to SUPPORT you. I'd like to see how well he could do without a working pancreas!! Keep up the good work!!

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh yes, but not as much in my early years (dx'd in '74)
I think it might depend on how fast I'm dropping and from how high. I find it to be pretty uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. It's crazy how similar our stories are!

As for low tingling, I get it, too, usually in my lips, but once I was in a weird state of low, and I asked my husband, "Is your butt tingling? My butt is vibrating." He told me I should test my blood sugar, which of course I argued with him about, because sometimes I also act like a 2 year old when low!