Monday, August 11, 2008


Writing my Diabulimia Column for DiabetesSisters has been hard. It's scary to go back to that place where I was so long ago...but it wasn't really that long ago at all. I wasn't in the depths of it all when I started this journey, but I was certainly not out of it. Looking back on how far I have come is exciting, though. I feel so much hope for my future and that is something that I never ever felt before. I didn't think I had a future and so I certainly didn't waste my time dwelling on it. But that was when I never knew how good life could be. I am truly at that top of the world right now, and I am not just waiting on the day I trip and fall back down to the bottom. It's an amazing feeling.

I have come to realize that I have the power and control to do whatever I want in my life. I am more confident in who I am, more sure of who I want to become, and more excited to see how it all plays out than ever before...and I have the most amazing husband to make that journey with me. I am in love with life right now, and it is great. It is still a little scary sometimes, but I feel ok with that. Looking back at how far I have come has made me realize that nothing can hold me back...unless I let it.

We all hold our futures within our grasps, we just have to take the reins.


Windy said...

You are so brave for sharing your story. I really appreciate your honesty and love reading your blog because of your transparency with diabetes and your struggles. The D-online world is so great when you start to feel like you're the only one who deals with this stuff! Have a great week!

Cara said...

Being happy with your life and yourself if so important and so hard to do at the same time! You have done well.