Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Next Endo Checkup

My next endo appointment is one week from yesterday. I am so nervous!!! While I have been doing exceptionally well over the past several months, I still fear that dreadful number. When my CGM is in, things are perfect, but then I take it out for a week, or most recently for the past several, and I slack off a bit. I hope my slacking over the past several weeks doesn't bring my A1C up dramatically. I am back on the CGM now, but I am still so scared to get my report card. At least in school you had some idea of what your grades would be...sometimes I feel like an A1c is a total crap shoot.



Scott said...

Just remember, the HbA1c is NOT a report card, just an indication to help you determine if there is something else going on ... and perhaps a report card on your endocrinologist if they have failed in helping you to discover issues (overnight highs/lows, etc.)! You should remember that, and if your endo ever says something like "you/we need to do better" you can respond by saying "I am doing as best as possible, so much of it now falls back on YOU!"

Katie I. said...

Suzanne, I know exactly how you feel! I used to dread getting my A1c result, too. I don't think the results are 100% accurate all the time-- if you have one or two crazy highs then I think it skews the number. But I'm sure your result will be JUST FINE, especially since you have been so diligent with the CGM! Good luck!!

Cara said...

I know what you mean about it being a crap shot. You just sometimes don't know.
And I, like you, seem to keep a better eye on things when I have in CGMS. I took it out yesterday and put one back in this morning.