Monday, December 3, 2007

What a weekend it was!

This weekend wasn't the best on record, but I think the fact that I am actually recording my sugars says a lot!! I swam at around 250ish pretty consistently, beginning Saturday. This is likely due to the LSU Game Watching Party we went to, and maybe the mint oreos and cookie cake... I don't buy that stuff for a reason, but when I am faced with it, it sure is hard to turn it down. I feel like now that I can have this stuff, that I am not going to say no to it. I need to keep in mind that I can find oreos, cookie cake, fast food, and everything else I have ever dreamed of on just about any corner in America, so saying no to them a few times certainly will not break me, and it might even make me stronger!!

I have checked my blood sugar about 5-6 times everyday so far, which is pretty amazing for me, if I do say so myself. I am pretty proud. I am trying not to get too discouraged when my BS is high, though. The discouraging feeling I get is one of the causes of me stopping. I don't like to feel bad about myself, so I just stop keeping track. I am trying to take the idea that it is just a number that will help me to gauge what steps I should take. It will be high, and that is ok. It will just help me to better determine what I need to do next time. Messing up isn't failing and as long as I am alive to check my BS, then I haven't failed out ;~)

I think that is all for now...I know, such an exciting update, right...but I think if I stop now, just because I don't have anything exciting to stay, then I might stop altogether, and I think if I do that, well...I might just stop taking care of myself again, too. I still feel good though. I feel like I can do this. I think a switch in my brain flipped and I am taking the matter of fact approach. Fact: I have diabetes. Fact: I HAVE to do this. Fact: I need to just suck it up and stop wasting time. So...that's what I am doing, one minute at a time.

Oh, and again GO TIGERS!!! We're goin' to the 'Ship!!! :~)

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Chris said...

Welcome to the blogging world. I found you on I am a fellow type 1 and have had Diabetes for about 20 years as well. I was also not taking care of myself for a long time (luckily I did not run into quite the episodes you have) I am also newly married ( a little over a year) and started my blog and taking better care of my Diabetes almost 6 months ago because I wanted to be around for my new family. Well, keep up the good work. Keep posting. It helps. I look forward to seeing how things go with your new journey.