Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting closer... but hopefully not TOOO close!!

Ahhh, another week down and we are almost to 36 1/2 weeks! Yep, still crazy ;) Last friday, we had our usual: perfect u/s, doc visit and this time my bp was even about what it is at home (134/82) rather than the 150/90 that I usually get when I sit down in the doc office chair in that little bitty room... then blood work followed. Everything looked great, as it has been, and I was sent home with my wonderful orange container to collect my weekly 24 hour.

Well on Monday the nurse called with my results, and the protein is continuing to go up... so, she said "we will not put you on bed rest, but we are going to limit your activity and you can only work 4 hours a day..." After we hung up, I called Brad to talk about how absolutely silly this is. I mean, I literally sit at my desk all day and do nothing at all. I get up only to use the restroom and to get my lunch. At home, I know I will be doing so much more than that, especially with my precious little Bella, who enjoys going in and out of our house constantly when I am home! I can't work part-time now... I need all the leave I can get for AFTER she arrives!!

So, after I told Brad that I was going to refuse to listen and just wouldn't tell anyone at work... he convinced me to just call and explain the situation to my doctor, so I did :) And I get to work all 8 hours, as long as I PROMISE that I sit there with my feet up (not only awkward, but very uncomfortable, haha!) and that I do NOTHING when I get home... so, I complied, and am still complying (go me!).

I don't like to just sit there, especially when I FEEL perfectly fine and capable to do whatever I want, but I have decided that the doctor probably knows what she is talking about and that for my sake and our precious angel's sake, I will do it :) I mean, at least I am not on bedrest... I don't know how those amazing women get through bed rest!! They are defniitely stronger than I am... the thought of it causes my blood pressure to skyrocket!

So, for now, things continue to be the same and we are just about another week down! Less than two weeks until we meet our precious girl :)


Colleen said...

Rest, rest, rest - yes, with your feet up!
And enjoy!

Bee said...

Awesome! Way to comply! haha. I'm terrible at it and worked up until my daughter was born. I never told my doctors how much I was working, and they never asked. ;)You're almost there, it's going to go by SO much faster than you even realize! :) (Your baby belly is the most darling thing ever!!!)