Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ooohh Baby ~ Insulin Resistance is Kicking In

Just this past weekend I started seeing signs that insulin resistance is starting to show it's ugly head! Things have been so smooth up until now... perfect really. I hadn't seen blood sugars in the 200s in almost two weeks, and before then it was rare. For months, things were so easy...

Yesterday I finished my 15th week and today I begin my 16th week of pregnancy and I can see my blood sugars beginning to creep up... and what I've noticed over the past few days is that those highs are as stubborn as I am. They do NOT like to budge! I do not care for this new development, but thankfully I see my endocrinologist today to see what I need to do.

One major problem is that I am also getting lows...possibly from me trying to fight the highs my just continuing to bolus for them, but nonetheless, they are there. So how do I increase my insulin when I NEED it, but keep it how it is for when my body wants to act all normal and my body was ever normal!

For anyone with experience in this baby growing sorta thing :) I have a few questions:
1~when your insulin needs increased, did you start with your basals or your insulin:carb ratios? or both?
2~Did you find that you still had occassional lows due to the inconsistencies going on in your body?
3~From this point on, will it ever be easy again?? I mean, how long did each 'fix' last before you had to readjust again?

I woke up early this morning (yep, it was a low) but I couldn't fall back to sleep, which has been pretty common latley... so, like a total dork in love with her baby, the baby and I just played... for an hour or two... until I had to wake up for real. Haha! Really I just poked and prodded my tummy and tried to see if maybe I could feel movement. I can't, but it was fun and I have a feeling not being able to fall asleep in the middle of the night will no longer be quite so miserable :)


MelissaBL said...

Start with your boluses. My CDE says that we should be eating more than we're breathing right now (which means we need only tiny incremental adjustments to the metabolic insulin, i.e. basal). But insulin resistance is increasing particularly during the night when the baby does the majority of its growing (again, says my CDE).

I started in week 19 tightening my correction sensitivity and my ins:carb ratio. I actually brought a few of my basals down (but they were probably too high and compensating for my boluses needing to be increased).

We're all different, and it may be that all of it needs tweaking, but I was told to tweak boluses first.

Nicole said...

I started with my basals....because I was noticing it was my fasting sugars that were higher. Once I had them under control I worried about my boluses. My insulin needs started going up around 20 weeks or so...they really increased at 29. I had a 20% reduction over the period of one week right before I went into labour (at 36 weeks).

Laura said...

I usually started with basals, but usually my breakfast bolus also needed to be increased throughout my pregnancies. (I was SO insulin resistant in the morning, so I tried to eat a really low carb breakfast.) I think my basal and/or bolus needed tweaking almost weekly once I was into my second trimester.

I also had to back off once I got close to my due date. But until then, it was a steady increase of insulin almost weekly.

And the lows, I don't have an answer for you, except that being in such tight control means some lows every now and then. Lots of snacks with protein may help.

And sounds like you're prepping for those sleepless nights once sweet baby is here and up all night :) I can hardly even remember what it feels like to sleep through the night :) (I also wake up and can't sleep when I have a low.)

Matt Ogle said...

I started with my early morning basals, as my fastings went horrendous on me overnight. But since my 2hr pp after dinner was equally offensive, I adjusted my I:C for that time frame, too. Honestly, I tend to spend 2-3 days tweaking things here and there to finally get them "calm" and about a week later have to start over again. Sigh. Good luck!
(Stephanie from DM, using DH's google acct)

~Suzanne~ said...

Thank you all so much for your advice! It is not only helpful to read others' experiences, but it is sooo comforting to know it isn't 'me'!!!

This stuff is hard to figure out!! I am just working on it slowly, and did start with my boluses! I had a peskly low last night that was 46 at 1am and I ate about 20carbs in peppermints, then an hour later, I was still only 48!! So I ate about 20 more carbs in sugar and was still only 80 when I woke up at 6:30! YIKES!