Monday, October 27, 2008

Today's Goal:

Get back on that darn CGMS!!!

No, I have not yet done it, and I need to. It is the only thing that ensures I will do what I need... unless I want to be buzzed at and beeped at for hours upon hours. Ugh.

Why is this so hard??


Karen said...

Why is it so hard? Gosh, I ask myself that all the time. I don't know . . . it just is. But go ahead and pop the CGMS in. Maybe it will help make things a little less hard. After meeting a bunch of people who wear them at the DRI Conference last weekend, I'm anxious to talk to my doctor about getting one too. My husband took a look at their "graphs" (not sure the technical word for it) and said "Cool. Does your pump do that too?" Hopefully it will soon.

Cara said...

One day at a time. :)
I was off mine for 4 days this past week. I missed it.... :)