Monday, July 14, 2008

Great Weekend!

Hi folks,

Everything on the diabetes front is going smoothly (famous last words, eh??). I took a break from my CGMS, as I now do and got back on it Thursday. Since then, things have been wonderful. I still have some insulin basals to work out, but I am recording and keeping track so that the doctor can help me out with it.

I did reduce my morning insulin, though. I was waking at 5 am every morning with a little buzz from my pump telling me to eat. When I say 5 am, I do not mean 4:45 or 5:15, I mean 5, on the dot. Can we say pattern? Patterns are good though; it give me something to work with :)

Virginia was amazing. We had a great time and it was so much fun!! Blood sugars remained relatively stable, which was nice.

I am even making improvement with putting in new sites for my pump. I used to have to make a really loud sqealing noise to do it, but not anymore!! I am sure the neighbors, and my dog, are relieved ;) Although, the CGMS site is a lot different. Until this last one, I had never put one in without it time leading to me to get a little weak in the knees. You'd think I'd be used to it, right? The bleeding would then lead to it not sticking on very well...which is so annoying!! Even when I put the big clear sticky thing over it, it comes off when I exercise or shower, leaving a sticky mess behind. It is more trouble than its worth, which I think is one reason I wait until I put a new CGMS in. (I mean other than the fear of inserting it and the constant focus on my blood sugar 24/7). The minimed one isn't designed very user friendly. The transmitter just dangles off like a loose peice of plastic and it gets tangled in my pump tubing, my clothes and anything else around, and it jiggles when I exercise. Such a pain!! I am open to tips on how to deal with this, though. It makes me so uncomfortable knowing it is hanging on my a loose, tiny peice of sticky tape that is wearing down quickly!!

Well, this last one didn't bleed at all, which has made me happy all week! It is sticking much better and I have really had no issues with it yet, including the fear of losing all of the blood in my body after inserting it (can we say unrealistic fears, here??).

Anyway, I just wanted to check in, say hello, and let you know I am still here, going strong. Brad and I have even started working out at least 2 or 3 days per week!! We took last week off, but are going back today. Things are going very well and I couldn't be more relieved :)


Colleen said...

You sound wonderful! How very nice.

Cara said...

LOL! I have bleeding with my CGMS about 50% of the time. I usually just wait for the bleeding to stop (using tissue to soak it up) before I put the iv-3000 cover over it. It usually works okay for me. I tried doing the whole taping it down instead of using the iv3000, but i think it moves around more and then it hurts.
My last two insertions didn't bleed though. That's been a plus.
You know, 2 years into the pump, I still have mental issues with the clicking sound the insertion device makes. But I can't stand the thoughts of putting it in manually either. LOL
And, mentally, I always have to psych myself up to put in the CGMS (the needle is sooooo long) even though I think it actually hurts less than inserting the infusion site.
The mind works in weird ways.
Glad to hear everything is going well for you.

Allison said...

Hi Suzanne! Thanks for the comment on my blog...Married life is great, as is the new CGM :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't tried the sensor yet, so unfortunately I don't have any tips.. except hang in there!

And also, thank you for your comment! were you anywhere near the town of Luray? That is so weird we may have been very close and not even known it!

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