Friday, February 29, 2008

Well, hello there stranger!

I know, it has been a LOOONNG time...but, I have not fallen off the bandwagon! Yay! I can't say I am doing everything necessary to keep up my blood sugar up to par, but I am doing better than I have in the past several years...and my hair is growing back, which is a good sign of health!

My main struggles are knowing how much to take when I eat. I don't trust my judgement and don't really know what to take. I just kind of "eye" it and go for it, which actually usually works! I just need to check more often so that when I don't take what I should have, I KNOW about it! I also find that now that I am on the shots, I don't take insulin when I should, because I don't want to have to take the time to do it, especially when in social situations. I mean, it is so easy to just go to the bathroom like a normal person does on a regular basis to take a shot of insulin, but I don't. I really need to work on becoming more disciplined.

Also, I have found a remarkable website:
I think my absence here has been a direct result of my frequent participation there! It is so wonderful to have such an amazing group of T1 women to bounce ideas and experiences off of. Go to the Forum and enjoy!

Anyway, I am hoping to participate here much more often as well! I also want to broaden my discussions to that they are not all diabetes related. I think the constant focus on my recovery has been great, but I am getting a little burnt out with diabetes overload. I need to remember that I am still normal after all ;)

Does anyone out there have any personal stories on becoming a "born again diabetic"?? How did you manage and what got you over your hump?

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Chris said...

Glad to see you are still among the land of the living. Also, glad to hear that you are doing well with managing your Diabetes. carb counting and carb to insulin ratios are not always easy but it makes life much better once you get it dialed in. I am what you could call a born again diabetic and I may be one of the exceptions to the rule but I looked at it as a project. I looked at it as a bunch of projects that I needed to work on in order to get the complete work. I think that is the best way to deal with it. Try to do everything but focus on one thing in particular until it becomes second nature, then move onto the next project.

Looking forward to hearing what else is going on.

good luck.