Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Just wanted to give everyone an update. I am doing quite well actually. Getting things under control is going well, too. I think my pump going out was a blessing, and I knew it was the moment it happened. Having to take the injections forces me to keep track and check, and if I am keeping track and checking, then I do try my best to do well. I am just going through the motions and not thinking about the distractions and frustrations, which have actually been very few. I skipped dessert at a family Christmas party and didn't even think twice about it. I know I didn't have to, but if we are trying to figure out the correct amount of insulin, then I didn't want to have an off day due to miscalculations. It has been pretty easy, but I was ready. I was so ready. That is what really makes the difference I think. You can't do it because someone else wants you to or because you need to; you really really have to want to.

Well, since I am now saving every penny I have, I am looking for advice on a new updated pump. I am not sure I am ready to look for one quite yet, but I figure it is never too early to start looking for information. All my pump did was bolus the amount I put in in .5 units and give a basal rate. It is amazing how far they have come. I really want one with a glucose sensor. I figure if I am getting a new one, I might as well get the most up to date they have. So, any info on pumps or paying for pumps would be very welcome right now!! My old one was a Disetronic H-tron Plus, so I am sure I can upgrade to a Spirit, but I hear they are kind of crazy with the meter, the palm pilot and the pump, and it doesn't have a sensor...Help please! :~)


Bernard said...

Do you have any health insurance? Because they should be prepared to pay for a new pump once the old one it out of warranty.

There are several good models available. I'm using a Cozmo 1800 and really like it. I also evaluated the Animas 2020 and liked many things about it. And of course there's Minimed, with an integrated CGMS, but I think they're becoming less innovative (my opinion).

Bernard said...

On a different thought, did you join the Diabetes OC directory? That's a good way to get people to learn about your blog.

Chris said...

Great to hear that you are taking the MDI like a champ. Congrats on that. Now as far as a new pump is concerned, I am not on one yet but I have my Endo appointment in a few hours and we are suposed to start discussing me getting on a pump. Bernard knows his stuff so he is a good one to check with on specifics. I have done research and I am on the same page as Bernanrd. My choices so far are between the Animas 2020 and the Minimed 722 but the Cozmo 1800 is also a contender. Not sure if I can be much help but any questions you have, please ask and considering I will be doing more research, I'll be more than happy to pass along any info that I get to you.

Good luck and keep up the great work.

Cara said...

I am a great fan of my MiniMed due to the optional CGMS. And they always seem to be the first when there is any new idea on the market. I also have a friend who has the Animas 2020. I like the looks and some of the features on it also.
Good luck in your search. Isn't it nice to be getting back on track? I loved that part. There's something fulfilling about knowing I am doing something for myself!