Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back on the CGM!! So what's wrong now???

Well folks, I did it!!! I got back on the CGM!! Yay!! I got back on about a week ago and things had been pretty wonderful for a while... but now?? I cannot for the life of me get my blood sugar below 200. It just stays between 200 and about 250 all day for the past two or three days. No matter what I eat, no matter how much I bolus, it won't go down!!! I just keep taking insulin, but to no avail!! It is so frustrating!!

Tonight I am going to change out my site to see if that will help, but I know I am getting SOME insulin, because it hasn't gone above around 300 (don't worry, I am checking my blood sugar and not only relying on the CGM). Ugh!

Just one of those weeks...


chris bishop said...

I totally know that feeling. For me, it usually is a bad site. Usually a kink in it so it gives me some but not enough to get me where I want. I wouldn't be surprise if as soon as you change the site, you see an improvement. Good luck and congrats on being back on the CGM.

Karen said...

I had that problem on Friday for about 10 hours - not as long as you, but enough to know how very frustrating it is. Especially when you are doing all you can and they just won't come down and you have no idea why. Hopefully it was a bad site and those stupid blood sugars are back down now. Grrrrr!!