Thursday, November 19, 2009

Preparing Our 'Nest'

Things have been going really well. Ever since we've found out we are having a girl, it's been fun to say "she" and know that we will be seeing lots of pink... and probably our fair share of drama in our future ;) We could not be more excited to meet her...although, I still have a pretty long time! I am now in my fifth month (crazy, I know!) and am just about halfway there... which seems like a long time to me!

Brad and I have been trying very hard to start organizing our home in preparation for our new addition and so that is definitely keeping us busy. This whole "nesting" thing is definitely real!!! I've enjoyed cooking more, although I have always enjoyed it, and I am actually getting pretty good about throwing out or donating things that I no longer need... that in itself is pretty remarkable!!

It's actually pretty fun to see the home that was perfect for us as a newly married couple become the first home for our wonderful little family. We've already painted and organized our guest room and next we are moving into our hall and clearing out what is to be the nursery, a.k.a. our junk room/office. YIKES! So, I'll be spending this weekend going through things I have long forgotten existed and the beginnings of preparing little girl's room her arrival!!

Who knew organizing, cleaning, sorting, etc. could be so much fun?!? ;)


Colleen said...

It is fun! And you're so wise to enjoy it.

Layne said...

Have fun! I really think organizing and decorating is going to be my favorite part (besides meeting the little one, of course)! Glad to hear everything is still going well!

bethany said...

Isn't it such a blast!? I still love it as I just finally did the same thing (when my daughter is nearly a year!). We moved into our current place when I was 8 months pregnant and NOT in any shape to feel like cleaning/organizing setting up while working still. It's a lot of fun, though! Have fun picking everything out!! :D