Monday, June 15, 2009

Things have calmed a bit

Thankfully, things have started to level out again! I swear it was because I blogged about it ;)

The swings haven't been nearly as steep and I feel like when they go up, I can actually get them back down. My CGM settings are lower this time (since my new pump came in, I had to reprogram everything and just made them lower). So, it alerts me when my blood sugar hits 200 and I think maybe that was part of the frustration... Instead of it alerting me when it got to around 215 or 220, it was 200, so I was more aware of it...

Question: How high does your blood sugar go after eating? I know that even though we have come such a long way, things are not yet perfect and of course my blood sugar goes up after I eat...but how high should it go? What's normal? How high should it go when you are pregnant? I mean, should it go into the 200s daily, even if for a mere few minutes? I guess I have a list of things to ask my doctor now. You'd think after having diabetes as long as I have that these questions should not exist...but sometimes it is just reasurring to re-ask them and have them re-answered ;)


Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Don't know about pregnancy numbers other than they should be 'perfect' (within 80-120 mg/dL all the time). Being a girl my post-meal numbers change depending on the time of month, of course...I can be in range or dropping the 1st two weeks, then spiking into the 200s the last two weeks. Which is where I am now }:-X

Glad you're evening out a bit, anyway :-)

Laura said...

I think during pregnacy, post meal (1 hour after) they'd like it to be 160 ish. Crazy, huh? I did have 200 blood sugars sometimes (especially after breakfast), but immediatley tried to correct for it. It's so hard to keep the blood sugars so low without bottoming out later. Lots of little meals/snacks that are low carb and higher in protien along with exercise seemed to help me.

Have you thought about symlin? I've been thinking about it lately (especially now that I'm done having kiddos). But not sure that it's approved for pregnancy.

Glad to hear things are going a bit better!

~Suzanne~ said...

Thanks Kathy! Those darn fluctuations make it hard to see any patterns!

Laura-it seems so impossible to keep it under 200 all the time, because I seem to spike so much after meals :( I did ask my doctor about symlin, but he said we should wait until after we have our little family... if we are ever fortunate enough to be blessed with one. Thanks for your advice! I looke at your three beauties and feel hopeful every day!