Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ahhh!! It's SNOWING!!!!

Ok, some of you might laugh... but I am a Louisiana girl, born and raised and the furthest north I have ever lived is Baton Rouge, which is where I am now and it is seriously snowing!!!

It's amazing and beautiful and oh so rare here in South Louisiana. The last time it snowed was over Christmas four years ago, and then before that I think it was around 1990!!!

So, of course, after I ate a few snowflakes, I had to make my little snowman and take TONS of pictures of my itty bitty courtyard, haha!! It was fun and just reminds me how wonderful God's little surprises are!!
On the diabetes front, things are so-so. My motivation is so low during the holidays. The sugary temptations and the fatty foods and the visiting with so many people always makes it hard for me and sometimes old habits try to pry their way into my life. I resist, but it sure is difficult.
But, today it has snowed in Baton Rouge and so I am having a little fun and thanking God for all the wonderful things in my life! =:~)


Colleen said...

And even better, snow is sugar free!

type1emt said...

I remember living in Mississippi(as a young kid) and when it snowed, (rarely) it was like the most awesome thing ever.
Enjoy your snow!